BTS: RM demonstrates his piano skills with “Forever Rain”


RM delighted his fans in just a couple of seconds by teaching his piano skills.

RM is one of the most talented singers out there today, and the reason is that the leader of BTS shows every moment his musical skills, as a songwriter, singer, rapper and also as an instrumentalist.

Recently on Twitter a video of Kim Namjoon has been viralized that already has more than 200 thousand reproductions, which lasts only 3 seconds, but in which our handsome Rap Monster fills us with love with a couple of notes from “Forever Rain” .

Without a doubt, they are the most beautiful 3 seconds we needed to survive this week, because his talent in music transports us to happy moments.

RM the youngest composer in Korea

We recently reported that Namjoon has received recognition from the Korean Songwriters Association as the youngest member with the most songs on record, with more than 160 songs registered to his name, including I Like It, Mic Drop, Idol, Save Me, Danger, and many others.

The leader of BTS does not stop breaking records, not only alone, but also with the bangtang, since his song Dynamite has registered a record of views, reaching more than 100 million in less than 24 hours.

RM is not only temporary fame, but his sympathy, his beauty, and above all his talent, lead him to be one of the most important singers in his country, and even in the world, since the singer of Mic Drop and the rest Bangtang have conquered the world, which is why their recent song came out in English.

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RM and BTS continue to teach us that musical genres, and even language, are superfluous when trying to express a feeling from the heart. What is your favorite bangtang song?


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