BTS: RM dances great to the beat of the song “September”


RM, the leader of the boy band BTS, left his fans speechless by showing what he does in his free time.

RM, the handsome leader of the South Korean band BTS, knows how to entertain his fans, despite the schedule of commitments he has for being part of the most popular K-Pop group of the moment, he takes advantage of his free time to distract himself and listen to music from other artists.

On several occasions ARMY has boasted photographs and videos of the occurrences that the 25-year-old South Korean rapper makes, but an amazing clip they shared on Twitter left more than one jaw dropping.

The leader RM of the K-Pop band BTS, left the girls more in love by revealing the way in which he entertains himself, since it could be seen in the video that he likes to have fun listening to songs from the seventies, because at the rhythm of the musical group Earth, Wind & Fire, showed off his best dance steps.

BTS’s RM has fun with the song “September”

Through the social Twitter account of the fans of the South Korean group, the rapper was shown very excited as he danced and sang the song “September”, one of the most successful songs during the 1970s, as the dancer showed off his best moves.

The leader of the K-Pop boy band has been very excited since it began this September, in a few days he will celebrate his 26th birthday and it will be the next 12th of this month, so ARMY has been sharing emotional publications.

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BTS’s RM managed to captivate his fans, because the video where he appears dancing and singing the song “September” by the musical group Earth, Wind & Fire, has obtained more than 210 thousand views, as the rapper is an expert dancer. Did you find the idol video of the South Korean group funny?


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