BTS: RM celebrates Halloween in a beautiful costume


BTS’s RM made the ARMY fall in love again, this time it wasn’t his charming smile, but his Halloween costume.

RM, the charming leader of BTS, continues to surprise his loyal fans, as the rapper and the other idols of the South Korean group did not miss the occasion to celebrate Halloween, so the ARMY has been sharing the costume that Namjoon wore.

It would not be the only occasion that the boys of the K-Pop band wear costumes, because in previous celebrations of other years they have stolen the hearts of the girls for their creativity and style to dress up, although the leader of the boy band is quite a heartbreaker.

And this time it was no exception because Namjoon known as RM, left the ARMY crazy for his adorable Halloween costume, because through various Twitter accounts dedicated to the artist, they collected several photographs of the boys’ celebration.

BTS’s RM falls in love with the ARMY with his Halloween costume

Through a Korean internet portal, they announced how the celebration of the idols of the South Korean group was, but something that caught the attention of the girls was seeing the 26-year-old rapper with his funny ghost costume.

In those photos they shared on Twitter, it can be seen that Namjoon wore a white sheet, dark glasses and a yellow tie, both of the same yellow color, which caused a sensation on the networks, he looked so beautiful, as revealed by the ARMY .

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In Somagnews we have shared the different occurrences of the idol, but this time he did something fun with the other BTS idols, because through social networks it was possible to see that they had a fun Halloween celebration.


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