BTS reveals unreleased scenes from the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ Tour


BTS reveals unreleased scenes from the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ Tour. The energy that ARMY brings to the band is incredible and is captured in this clip.

It takes a long time to organize a whole world tour.

The guys from BTS revealed behind the scenes the entire meticulous organization of their ‘ LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF ‘ tour concerts, music planning and activities surrounding their performance.

Through a YouTube video on their official channel BANGTANTV, they published a clip of everything that a concert means , the previous one, the during, in one of the shows they offered in the capital of South Korea with ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’.

Some secrets that they revealed are, their professional attitude in the soundcheck and rehearsals , of how the members of BTS agree for the formations during the concert , who comes out first, after or even if there is going to be any change in the songs or in the setlist .

Also how they deal with inclement weather, like rain, how they fix their technical or energy problems and lean on each of their shows , enjoying every moment on stage .

Because this was the last date that the boys offered, which belonged to the tour , the closing of these shows had to be special, that is why it was felt without emotion, they acted very meticulously in the preparations , with the sound, the steps dance and their performances, to offer the best of them to fans.

The ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF ‘ world tour represents a growth in BTS’s prolific career , where they showcase their individual talents, but also as a group.

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