BTS reveals trailer for 5TH Muster: Japan’s Magic Shop


BTS reveals the trailer for “Muster Magic Shop. Vol 5 ”, him show in Japan. The group had several presentations last year, which were compiled as the DVD of “Memories 2019”, but they also recorded the meeting they had with their fans in Japan and published the first preview.

Through YouTube, the official Bangtan TV account revealed the trailer for the “Muster Magic Shop” fan meeting, the 5th edition of this festival was held in Japan, in a stadium in the city of Chiba, where they met with thousands of ARMYs to sing and have fun with various activities.

The trailer shows behind-the-scenes footage, rehearsals, performances during the concert, messages from the members to their fans, the photoshoot they had for the DVD, and more. There is no release date yet.

On social media, ARMY shared their excitement for this new DVD, as the boys had to cancel their 2020 tour due to the pandemic and decided to recall some of their 2019 shows.

“Magic Shop” has a special meaning for ARMY, as it is a song whose lyrics are a promise that when they feel sad, they are a magic shop where they can take refuge and be happy.

The concept of the Muster Magic Shop consists of opening a magic shop in the middle of the stage, where the boys can make some wishes, in addition to sharing unforgettable moments with ARMY through music and conversations during intermissions.

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