BTS reveals their song story on Immortal Song


A musical special brought together several of the hits produced by Pdogg and the members of BTS shared anecdotes of these tunes.

Immortal songs prepared a special in honor of producer Pdogg, who has worked with Bangtan Sonyeondan idols throughout their career and has also participated in their most famous songs. The singers accompanied this figure of music by sharing anecdotes from his creative process.

Immortal songs is a competition where several artists cover songs by the same group, artist or producer, but the comments on each melody add an extremely interesting touch to the show.

As the show revealed the musical performances, the boys of BTS revealed some facts about the way they wrote each song, the changes they made before releasing them, and the story that inspired them.

It was in this way that the idols of Big Hit Entertainment also looked back at times throughout their careers and the way they gradually evolved.



According to the idol accounts, Suga tried to bring out a sense of motivation and excitement in this song. It all started from a word that is used in Daegu to show enthusiasm, so they created a song that would help others feel confident and empowered to dare to do things, when they felt confused about the last details, Suga found the word that would give you the perfect stamp.


The BTS members commented that this is a song that anyone can relate to and that it is in fact based on their own experiences staying away from some friends. The leader of the group wrote the melody while remembering some experiences with friends who he was no longer close to. V also wrote his own version of this song, but in the end Namjoon’s lyrics were chosen. They were scheduled to release an upbeat song, but they preferred to prepare a melody that would comfort people.

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The idols’ experience releasing this tune was very special because it represented a change in the work they were doing. The BTS members noted that at that time they noticed that the response from fans around the world had grown significantly, which helped them to feel motivated and continue to do their best.


If Blood Sweet & Tears represented a change, DNA was a new beginning for the group, as they started working with a global audience in mind that was giving them great support and, although they felt nervous, ARMY was always giving them confidence. It was thus that they chose to interpret a melody about love and the illusion that this feeling awakens.


For the K-Pop group, Fake Love was a song that helped them express the feelings they faced when they felt tired despite enjoying great success. They were able to create a melody that both comforted and encouraged them.


It is a very significant song for the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan because it gave them their first number 1 in their career, so they fondly remember the moment when Pdogg presented the melody and the reactions they had, however they did not imagine the impact that the song would have.


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