BTS Reveals Their Secret To Having A Cool Summer


BTS members give ARMY some advice to combat the hot summer.BTS and BODYFRIEND published a new commercial where idols share tips to avoid heat during the summer.

The boys of BTS this year have collaborated with various companies in campaigns with electronic products, services, jewelry and massage chairs. As part of their work with the BODYFRIEND company, the idols shared a fun clip.

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One of the hottest seasons of the year is summer, many people take the opportunity to tan their skin, enjoy fresh food and do some outdoor activities. In the new commercial for ‘BTS X BODYFRIEND’, the 7 boys from the K-pop group revealed their best tips to beat the heat.

In the clip, all the members of BTS are seen in a large room, fanning themselves by the hot weather, Jimin proposes to his colleagues to take a break to cool off, Jin supported Jimin’s idea since summer is very scorching.

Jungkook spoke up:

Despite the heat, shouldn’t we work harder?

Despite the heat, shouldn’t we work harder?

Jimin was very excited about Jungkook’s enthusiasm and commented:

So let’s continue

So Jungkook sits in one of BODYFRIEND’s massage chairs, which has an intelligent ventilation system that provides the body with air that prevents the body from keeping too much heat.

So powerful is the BODYFRIEND chair that in the end Jungkook froze and the man in charge of undoing the ice is Jimin, the singer of the Bangtan Boys finally ends the commercial saying:

Did you freeze?

The sympathy and energy of Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope and RM are always reflected in each of their activities, concerts and works, commercials for the BTS X BODYFRIEND ’campaign are no exception.

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