BTS reveals their look changes for their next comeback


BTS has already changed their look for their next comeback and ARMY is in love. The boys had a question and answer session with a group of lucky fans who won in a raffle, the interview addressed various topics and curiosities of the group, but what caught the most attention was the new look of the members. BTS is Coming!

The boys were at the Online Talk Event show to promote their Japanese album, where they shared some details of “Your Eyes Tell” and secrets of the members, but they also decided to reveal, some hid it, their new looks, because this August 21 they will return with a new single.

The first preview of the BTS comeback will be in just 3 weeks, this song will be in English and it may not be on the tracklist, but the boys can’t wait for ARMY to listen to their new music and the first step for their return is to change the hair color.

Jin was the one who completely revealed the change of look, as he wore his new hair in a copper-brown tone, since in the light he looked orange, for his part, Yoongi, J-Hope and Jungkook kept their black hair without major changes.

But those who raised ARMY’s suspicions were V and RM, who hid their hair under hats, although Taehyung exposed him long mullet and fans hope he will keep that style for the comeback.

Namjoon said she did not know what the shade of her hair was as she kept it hidden under the hat. Jimin wore a beret, but clarified that he has blond hair. The boys’ makeover was recent and this was the first look at their new hair color.

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