BTS reveals the trailer for Memories of 2019, their new DVD


BTS reveals the trailer for Memories of 2019, their new DVD. The boys will share all their memories with ARMY. BTS will release “Memories”, a DVD that collects all their memories of 2019.

Do you miss the boys? They say that remembering is to live again, the group has previously released videos showing the behind the scenes of some events, coexistence and more that live in their day to day. This will be the longest-lasting DVD they have ever made, we will tell you the details.

Through the group’s account and BigHit, the company revealed the trailer for “BTS Memories”,a compilation of all their activities during 2019. The DVD will last 10 hours and 33 minutes,being its longest disc.

In the nearly 2-minute trailer, BTS is shown in rehearsals, “Boy With Luv” recordings, awards, commemorating their attendance and award for the Billboards, as well as Korean awards where they have won the Daesangs, among others.

The most emotional moments of “BTS Memories” are those that they have shared with ARMY, since in one of the scenes they are moved before the support of their fans on their stadium tour, revealing that Jungkook consoled Jimin who could not contain tears at that time.

Also revealed behind the scenes of J-Hope with Chicken Noodle Soup, the rehearsals they’ve had, as well as the events they attended like the New Years Eve party in New York.

Other memories are comical moments between the members and random scenes where the camera is simply filming while they enjoy their jokes, games, food and more.

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There is no release date yet, but for 7 years the boys have lived great things, although 2019 can be considered the best of their years.

Recently , BTS once again demonstrated its musical inspiration by helping Malala Yousafzai, one of the best-known and young activists who has sought change for women.


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