BTS reveals the process behind Dynamite


BTS talks about the process behind “Dynamite,” their new song to premiere this Thursday, August 20. The countdown to the Bangtan Boys’ comeback is about to end, just under 1 day separates us from the time travel that BTS will make with the explosion of “Dynamite”, a single that was inspired by the 90s and seeks to give it to the ARMY a boost of energy and positivity.


Through an interview for USA Today, the K-pop group revealed the details behind the process of “Dynamite”, an MV that will be revealed on August 20 at 11 pm Mexico time. BTS confirmed that the song is a way to encourage their fans, as they, ARMY and the rest of the world went through difficult times during the pandemic.

“Dynamite” seeks to be something positive, to give happiness and is a response to the situation that led them to postpone their tour and not enjoy the things they usually do with a group. RM described the creation of this K-pop song as destiny, as it came unexpectedly and since they heard the demo they didn’t want to change anything.


The BTS leader explained that the lyrics, rhythm, and more were perfect so they decided to sing it entirely in English, although it represented a challenge for them as they are used to singing in Korean, but Jungkook admitted that it was a fun challenge.

About releasing singles in that language, Taehyung said that it was not something that ARMY could hope for in the future, furthermore, during their 2019 interview with Weekly Us they explained that they did not want to lose their identity, “Dynamite” seeks to be a song with which their army of fans to identify themselves, as they too were affected by the quarantine.

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J-Hope said that “Dynamite” represents her strength, since music is what animates her, in addition to dancing, activities that she has been doing during these months, in addition to writing songs. This comeback represents a way to be happy and energize her fans while listening to her, because during the process ARMY was on their mind.


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