BTS reveals the meaning of Your Eyes Tell, their new song


BTS reveals the meaning of Your Eyes Tell, their new song. “Your eyes tell” will have a very special meaning for ARMY. BTS talks about their new song “Your eyes tell”, part of their album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”.

The boys continue with the Japanese promotions for their next release, after releasing “Stay Gold” as the main single, the group gave some details of the new songs, such as “Your Eyes Tell”, we tell you all the details.

Through a new interview for “BTS Music Journey,” the idols shared details of their Japanese comeback, which will take place on July 15. Only 10 days to go! What surprises await ARMY? One of them is that Jungkook helped the production of some songs.

About his second single, “Your eyes Tell”, will be released on July 13 as part of the promotions of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, what does this song mean?

The group is known for the emotional messages it transmits through its lyrics, so it prepares the handkerchiefs because when you listen to it you will cry.

Jungkook explained that it is a song similar to his old Japanese releases, about the lyrics, despite being sad, he assured that it is beautiful and warned ARMY to keep it in mind once it is released.

Jimin added that fans will be able to understand its meaning, apparently the secret is something very personal that only they and ARMY will be able to understand. The “Journey” era means a lot to the boys, because in the midst of their 7th anniversary, they have shared their dreams for the future and reflected on the path they have traveled so far.

In social networks, ARMY expressed his emotion for being able to listen to his new music, it is not known if there will be an official MV for “Your eyes tell”.

In that same interview, BTS spoke about who their role model is , the inspiration they had in these 7 years and during their trainee days helped them fulfill their dreams and be on stage in front of all their fans.


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