BTS reveals what photos they use as wallpaper on their phones

As part of the advertising campaign with Samsung, the BTS guys shot a video showing the image they see to turn on their cell phone.

The guys from BTS continue to work in collaboration with Samsung to promote the folding phone that the company recently launched, for this campaign we have already seen some ads and also the guys using phones from that company, but this time they surprised us by showing how it looks your wallpaper.

Galaxy Z Flip and BTS have provided the followers of the group with some clips where the boys show how fascinated they are using those phones, as well as some facilities that this model offers them, but within these videos there was a short moment that managed to steal the attention of the group’s fans.

At the end of these video clips for the Samsung Galaxy advertising, the guys show off their phones screen, letting us see the images they used as the wallpaper. Surely many people around the world have BTS members on their lockscreen, but did you think they would do the same?

While some of the members of the group show their phone open, others open it as the camera gets closer and this is how we can see the image that each one selected, this being a selfie of each one.

But the photo of V managed to steal the camera due to the peculiar angle he chose, while the rest of the boys comfortably posed to get a charming image, Taehyung opted for a funny photograph , where we see him open his eyes wide while holding the phone from below . Did you notice that detail during the videos?

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