BTS Reveals The Meaning Of ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’


In a recent interview with Zach Sang, the BTS guys revealed interesting facts about their new album.

BTS is about to release their new album “Map of the soul 7”, the boys have been promoting their next comeback with appearances with James Corden, the Grammy and an event with iHeartRadio. Their stay in the United States still continues and they revealed to the ARMY the meaning of this new era.

In an interview for Zach Sang Show, the boys talked about the most important details of their comeback . The boys said that “7” not only represents the number of members or the years they have spent together, it is also a lucky charm and they believe that this was the right time to use the number as part of their return.

BTS shared that the album will explore the shadows or ghosts that many times we have in ourselves, but it is not about immersing ourselves in that darkness, but about getting ahead. An example of this is that, without growth there is no pain, an experience that the boys have gone through.

They also said that Black Swan was a good song to start this stage, because of the lyrics, its meaning and because it has that dark aura that they want to represent with MOTS7.

“Maps of the soul 7” also represents a force for them, the name is something important that they will demonstrate once the album is released, as they said before, it will be something different and of global significance.


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