BTS Reveals Meaning About Map Of The Soul 7: The Journey


BTS shares details of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, their new Japanese album. The boys have already started with the promotions of their new release. “Stay Gold” was the first single from this new album, “Your Eyes Tell” is yet to be released, tomorrow they will have a special presentation, we will tell you the details.

Through the Mezamashi show, BTS conducted a short interview to describe the meaning behind their new album. Apparently, the lyrics will be much more emotional and will seek to reflect the brightness of the soul. With Stay Gold, the boys invited ARMY to stay strong despite adversity.

Jin described “Map of the soul 7: The Journey” as gold, as he assured that it will be brilliant, just like them. With this new release, BTS broke a record set by Michael Jackson by registering 1 million records in presale.

On their new song, “Your Eyes Tell, will be presented for the first time tomorrow, they will perform a performance similar to“ Stay Gold ”, they only have a couple of hours to listen to their new music and on Wednesday you will be able to listen to all the songs.

The boys also took the opportunity to talk about their schedule, Suga said that what they most expect from their next tour, postponed until now until 2021, is the stadium tour, because they miss performing a concert.

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They also talked about their favorite Japanese food and assured that all the typical dishes and eat a lot. Finally, Jimin decided to thank ARMY for all their support.

BTS recently added new records on iTunes, from a Suga double All Kill to RM and J-Hop mixtapes. The boys continue to achieve goals thanks to the support of their fans on music platforms.


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