BTS reveals footage of Dynamite’s MV


BTS reveals the behind-the-scenes fun of “Dynamite” and takes a retro trip back to the 90s. The BigHit group continues to promote their first song in English, so they continue to reveal unreleased content from the “Dynamite” MV, in addition to the new B-Side versions and the acoustic and EDM Remix audios, the Bangtan boys shared the whole process who lived during the recordings.

Through the Bangtan TV YouTube channel, the idol group published the Sketch of Dynamite that shows the behind the scenes of the video, which shows the creative part for the choreography of each of the idols of the K-pop band, the which was developed in an improvised way in order to have fun during the recordings.

The Korean group’s MV already registers more than 200 million views on the platform, a great reward for their effort for “Dynamite”, as they worked for 4 days to finish this new single. The Sketch already has more than 2 million views within hours of being released and features V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, and Jimin in each of their characters.


The behind the scenes begins with Jungkook inside the room where he recreates the scene from “Got Milk”, an advertising campaign that became famous in the 90’s. RM continues inside a vinyl record store, a format that predominated in music during that time and to this day it is still a collector’s item, one exclusive was even released for the Korean pop single.

The scenes also show Taehyung playing with a speaker and pretending to be the stage manager. “Dynamite” was a work that combined BTS ‘talent with improvisation, as they enjoyed the recordings and rehearsals for each piece of the MV. Seokjin and Jungkook played students of the time, the first of the idols was surprised by the style of clothing they used at that time.

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On the other hand, Yoongi took up a hobby that he had abandoned for almost 9 years: basketball. The idol made some shots to the basket while wearing his jersey from “Space Jam”, a movie inspired by Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. BTS took up other elements of retro culture, such as donuts and disco dance steps.

Jungkook and V also showed a secret greeting in the final scenes, Jimin helping Jin perform his solo part and giving him some ideas for choreography and joking with each other throughout the process. “Dynamite” is described as a song that you can listen to while traveling by road during the summer.


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