BTS reveals who their first girlfriends were before debuting


Find out about the experience these idols have had in love

Idol relationships are always a sensitive topic , it is well known that, as part of the contracts they establish, many of the companies prohibit their artists from dating. Despite this, some have shared their love experience before becoming trainees.

Many idols began preparing since they were very young , so it was often fleeting relationships . Still, for fans who have recognized the freedom of their favorite artists to live their lives the way they see fit, learning about the love record these stars had is an interesting facet.

If this catches your attention, keep reading, we will tell you a little about the experience that the BTS boys have had in love, if they have had a girlfriend, if they have been involved in rumors, or have given any statement about it, all that you will know below.

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This idol was involved in some dating rumors with a Korean television figure. Previously, comedian Lee Guk Joo was said to be dating an idol who, in addition to being very handsome, was just a rookie. As she and Jin maintained a friendship, rumors and speculation were surrounding them for a time.

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How to say "cute" in ur country?

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The leader of the group visited a show called Problematic Man, a space where the idol publicly confessed that when he was a high school student he had a girlfriend, however, their relationship was affected because he felt insecure due to the high popularity of the girl, so they eventually broke up.


The idol mentioned being in a relationship when he told the sad story of how the girl who was his girlfriend during high school ended up leaving him to start dating another boy.


We know that Suga’s personality is not exactly outgoing, so when she was still a student, she decided to communicate with a local radio and wrote a letter to confess her love, the lucky girl was one of her classmates and in fact they were good friends . With this confession, they started dating, but like most youthful loves, this relationship ended in no time.

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He is the prettiest angel 🙁

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Jimin’s beauty has always helped him stand out, but although the idol has been embroiled in some romance rumors, none gained steam and the boy confessed that he is not actually linked to anyone in that way.


The BTS maknae has conquered the hearts of thousands of followers, but also, since his time as a student, it could have been so, since among his pre-debut photographs, the idol is very close to one of his companions, who could have been one of the girls who managed to date him.


Taehyung has openly commented on some of his romance stories, one of which was when he confessed his love to the girl he liked using his phone, but she never gave an answer to this confession, breaking V.’s heart. Also, the idol has He said that he dated some girls, but he never managed to have a lasting relationship, since his fleeting love was no more than 20 days.


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