BTS reveals Dynamite’s dance practice video


BTS reveals the dance practice for “Dynamite” and shares the details behind their choreography. The BigHit group continues to promote their first single in English after their success reaching # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100; Also, they will have a series of performances on various American shows to boost the popularity of the Korean pop song, have you learned the choreography yet?

Through the official Bangtan TV channel on YouTube, the K-pop group published the rehearsal video for “Dynamite”, with a duration of more than 3 minutes and it already registers more than 2 million reproductions just a few hours after being released. Unlike the official MV, the dance practice begins with BTS doing a full line-up, to make way for Jungkook’s solo.

The idol performs his part of the dance, different from the scenes in his retro room, where he improvisedly danced as if it were any rock song. The song continues and they perform group steps to accompany the RM part. When the choir arrives, they all reunite with Jimin at the center and show their best talent for disco dance.


The rehearsal MV allows ARMY to appreciate the choreography in a cleaner way and to learn it much easier. The guys have various lineups during the song, the dances during the backing vocals were mostly led by Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, and some parts by Jin, although the energy and aura they express are pure fun.

“Dynamite” not only combined Bangtan’s talent in dance, but also sought to revive the disco waves of the 90s as well as the different movements of Michael Jackson to the rhythm of the song. At the end of the rehearsal the guys seemed much more excited and started yelling in choruses, this comeback was intended to boost the spirits of their fans.

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BTS has several versions for “Dynamite”, from acoustic, EDM remix, among others, which you can enjoy in many ways without forgetting to dance.

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