BTS reveals details of the creative process behind BE


Beyond The Scene held an interview with WSJ magazine, where they shared the creative and musical process of the CD ‘BE’, the K-pop singers and rappers contributed valuable ideas for their project.

There is less and less time for the Bangtan Boys to return to the stage with a new album, ‘BE’ will be released on November 20 and the excitement of ARMY can already be perceived on all social networks.

Now, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM grace the Wall Street Journal magazine, where the idols of Big Hit Entertainment posed with elegant looks, showing their most refined side.

The ‘Dynamite’ performers also had a nice interview with WSJ, where they revealed some details of the creative process for the ‘BE’ record material. Why is this album different from the ones of his career? Find out below.


The 8 songs of ‘BE’ are special for the music stars, as each of them was selected for ARMY, in addition the members proposed tracks individually to choose the promotional song of the album.

Jimin told the Wall Street Journal magazine that the process to make ‘BE’ was laborious and tearful, Jungkook revealed that other songwriters are part of the project, so it is a team effort.

The artists showed their more competitive side, Jin sent 3 songs, Yoongi delivered his tracks until the end and Namjoon did not participate in this dynamic because the contest was going to be too fierce.

Other musicians wanted to come up with great ideas for BTS’s comeback and shared their ideas with Bang PD, founder of Big Hit Entertainment.

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Bangtan leader Sonyeondan mentioned that songs take a long time, which is why it hurts when a track has to be removed from the tracklist. Jimin thinks that one of the goals for ‘BE’ is that all the tunes on the album are on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Suga finds a lot of inspiration in books, the rapper originally from Daegu city believes that words are invaluable, he cares a lot about emotions and spends his time thinking that words can be interpreted differently.

Recently, Suga captivated the hearts of his fans by showing a bold and different style, the BTS member became a network possession for his change of look.


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