BTS reveal how they would be if they were ARMY


Perhaps in a parallel universe the members of BTS are ARMY at heart, the idols of the K-pop band answered what their behavior would be like if they were followers of their band.

A few days ago BTS’s Japanese fan cafe magazine was revealed, the rappers and singers held a long interview for the special publication where they talked about many aspects about their careers and personal lives.

The Bangtan Boys are always receiving great love from their fans, ARMY constantly shows their affection and admiration for Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM in different ways.

One of the questions in the chat with the fancafe was how they would behave if they were within their own fandom, the “Dynamite” interpreters answered with sincerity and emotion.


Suga would not miss any Bangtan Boys concerts, the rapper of the band explained that he really likes the energy of the shows, Jungkook also said that he would join Min Yoongi to go to BTS shows and scream very loud during all the presentations.

Jimin would be ARMY who always supports the members of the group, even if he does not go to the concerts he would stay to show his love to the boys for a long time, showing his unconditional affection.

RM is a person known for his great intelligence, the idol commented that if she were ARMY she would try to know everything about the members and would not stop until she knew the points of view of his favorite stars.

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Kim Taehyung revealed that he didn’t enjoy concerts that much before he was an idol, but now that it has become his job, he loves it and knows that the key to a good show is music and singers.

J-Hope would be a boy who enjoys BTS’s music a lot, the rapper expressed that he could be an ARMY who cares about going to all the concerts of his favorite Korean pop group. What kind of ARMY are you?

Recently the Bangtan Boys revealed some of their secrets, the idols wanted to share some aspects with their entire fandom, we invite you to visit: The boys of BTS confess all their secrets to ARMY.


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