BTS remembers their beginnings with this trip to the past


BTS remembers their beginnings with this trip to the past. The group thanked their fans for so many unforgettable moments that have brought them.

During an interview that the group gave to Mnet in commemoration of the 25 years of the company , the boys of BTS sat down to remember the most special moments that they have lived through the hand of this channel.

The first event mentioned was their debut on M Countdown , the boys shared all the feelings that invaded them for a moment that they had expected even before they started being trainees in Big Hit, in addition, they said they were surprised by the reaction that the audience had , where despite not knowing them they showed emotion for what the boys could do.

Another memorable was the first time obtained number 1 in the program, this occurred during the comeback where promoted simple I Need U . Winning this position was something they were looking forward to, so they really enjoyed it and let all their feelings out through expressions of joy and pride. They also used that opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of all the members, making it a special moment that they still treasure in their hearts.

They were also able to remember their different participation in the KCON, the boys think that by then, the audience in front of which they could appear thanks to this event was much larger than they could imagine. During the show in Los Angeles, they were happy to be the initial group but also their nerves made it difficult for them to develop during the presentation. Later they were at the KCON in France , where in addition to presenting their single Fire , they were also extremely happy to meet European fans.

For 2017, the group would return to another similar event, this time KCON Mexico, V said that because it is difficult for them to perform in Mexico they tried to show only their best for that performance.

In addition to those incredible moments, it was unforgettable for Jin to have been recognized with an award at MAMA 2018 as Artist of the Year, which made Jimin remember with appreciation the presentation of Mic Drop at MAMA 2017. After remembering part of the trip that the As the group has been through since their debut, the BTS guys thanked ARMY and Mnet for so many incredible and memorable moments they have had together, hoping that many others are yet to come.

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