BTS releases tropical and poolside remix Dynamite


The guys from BTS revealed more versions of Dynamite, this time they featured two remixes with a tropical, poolside vibe.

The success of BTS and Dynamite does not stop, the melody of the idol group has become a phenomenon around the world reaching surprising records, therefore, Big Hit Entertainment has shown some alternative versions for this melody and recently released two more remixes.

Although an acoustic version and EDM remix were previously released, the guys at Bangtan Sonyeondan proved that Dynamite fits many styles, so they have revealed new versions for this song.

It is a poolside remix and one more with tropical flair. Both melodies will transport you to a stage with positive energy, but each one has special qualities.

The tropical remix is ​​a happy song, ideal to start your day and accompany all your activities in a lively way, while the poolside remix is ​​an energetic melody that will make you dance around your room.

As soon as these two new versions of Dynamite were released, the K-Pop group climbed the charts thanks to their popularity and the support of their fans.

The chart of the best-selling songs in the last 24 hours in the United States is being dominated by Bangtan Sonyeondan. After the release of the two new remixes, BTS ranked first, second, third, fourth, seventh, and eighth, placing Dynamite and its different versions among the most popular melodies in this country.

We recently told you about another achievement that BTS achieved with Dynamite, as this song gave them a perfect All-Kill on the Korean charts.

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