BTS releases teaser photos for Dynamite, their song …


There is just a short time before the premiere of Dynamite and these teaser photos will fill you with excitement.

In just a few days, BTS will be back with a new song for their fans. But while the premiere of Dynamite arrives, the idol group continues to reveal surprises about this comeback and now they revealed what the boys look like in the group’s new stage.

With the return of BTS, a new image of the members is also coming and, although we know that these guys look amazing in any way, the curiosity to know the image they will present in Dynamite increases every moment.

Therefore, Big Hit Entertainment revealed some teaser photos for BTS’s comeback, where we see the seven boys wearing simple clothes and, for the most part, wearing colors such as white, blue and black, although Jin’s style is yellow. managed to steal our attention.

Since the announcement of a new musical release by the group from Big Hit Entertainment, it has been suspected that the new song could present a retro style and, although we have not yet been able to see much of the new image of the boys, these photos teasers without It certainly suits a vintage vibe.

The background behind the members of BTS for these images is a white wall with light green touches, leaving to the imagination the type of scenarios in which we will see the idols, however, we cannot miss that Jin appears recharged in a arcade video games, reinforcing the idea of ​​the concept for the music video.

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