BTS releases Stay Gold, their new official MV


BTS surprised ARMY with the official Stay Gold video, song from their new Japanese comeback with Map of the Soul: The Journey.

The official MV for Stay Gold is here! A week ago, the BTS guys surprised ARMY with the release of the Spiral Labyrinth series OST – DNA Forensic Investigation , a song that is also part of their new Japanese album ‘ Map of the Soul: The Journey ‘.

Stay Gold became an immediate success, breaking records and positioning itself on important world charts . A few days later, BTS fills their fans with excitement again with the premiere of their new video , what does the MV mean ?

The official video of Stay Gold begins with Jungkook walking through a visibly dilapidated house later appear Suga and J-Hope in a room in the same state and Jin lying on a worn mattress.

RM appears to be trapped behind bars and Jimin is in a lone truck. Then V appears , who ends these devastating scenarios by setting fire to a pile of books.

It is there when the joy that has characterized the boys of BTS returns to their faces and we can see them laughing and playing as always while the sun illuminates them.

As the video progresses we can see other parts of the collapsed house in which the BTS boys are , which little by little begins to look beautiful and bright, the darkness disappears and everything is as it was before.

A golden breeze begins to fall on the idols. After leaving that sad place, the boys find a landscape full of flowers of all colors and seem to enjoy what nature has to offer.


The Stay Gold video talks about how sometimes we can feel lonely, life is not always as sweet as we want and many times we face obstacles that we think we will not get ahead of. However, BTS encourages ARMY to stay strong and shiny as gold in any situation.

Misadventures should not quench our inner glow or harden our hearts. As the BTS guys mentioned earlier, the message behind Stay Gold is the purity of our soul, the innocence that characterizes us and that we should never lose our essence.

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Watch the full Stay Gold video :


In a world where you feel cold, you have to stay like gold, baby …

The lovely moonlight, another sleepless night, trusting the moonlight falling on you

I can see in your heart, sneaking in

Before you know it, I’ll be close

I don’t know about impurity, your eyes are diamonds

More beautiful than any jewel

I am constantly captivated, the truth

I can’t take my eyes off you anymore

So be that the hands of the clock stop moving,

Let it shine …

Stay like gold in my dreams

Stay like gold, we’ll look for each other

Stay like gold, in gold

I just want to touch you

Stay like gold, you are everything

Stay like gold, catch my heart

Stay like gold, stay like gold

Stay like gold, forever and forever like gold

Without you realizing it, I will approach you slowly

I’m warning you, baby …

Your deepest parts will be gently taken by me

Memories that are treasures, they are remembered so quickly

Oh that’s a secret

Stay like gold, for the time you’ll be here

Stay like gold, I don’t need anything else

Stay like gold, stay like gold

I just want to hold you

Stay like gold, love is endless

Stay like gold, releasing the light

Stay like gold, more than a star

Stay like gold, stay like gold, stay like gold

Stay like gold forever and forever like gold

Close your eyes first

Do not say anything…

I will receive your heart as if you were magic

If this were a miracle, I’d show it to you

Extend your hand

Stay like gold in my dreams

Stay like gold, I want to have you …

Looking at the moonlight won’t let me sleep tonight

Your hand tightly held in mine

I don’t want to release you

Stay like gold …


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