BTS releases Stay Gold, what does their new song mean?


BTS makes a promise to ARMY under the moonlight with “Stay Gold”.

BTS released the first teaser for “Map of the soul 7: The Journey” and ARMY loved the song.

Less than a month after making their Japanese comeback, BTS managed to break a sales record thanks to their new album, whose first single has managed to exceed the expectations of the fandom thanks to its vocal talent, we tell you the details of “Stay Gold”.

Through various music platforms, BTS released “Stay Gold”, the promotional single for “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, although the song does not have an official MV, the boys will participate in a special broadcast on TBS Live! Live! On June 22 to present the song’s performance.

“Stay Gold” has reached # 1 on iTunes in more than 6 countries, adding a new record by ranking at the top of the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom, demonstrating its popularity and the large number of fans they have in each country.

On social networks, fans have shared their favorite parts of the song, praising the talent of the vocal line that managed to convey various emotions with their voices, but what does Stay Gold mean?

According to the lyrics of the song, it seems that BTS sings again to ARMY, making a promise on those nights where something overwhelms us, they will always be by their side, the song talks about staying like gold, a synonym of strength and never lose our shine despite what we suffer.

The group also sings about looking for each other and never let go of the hand of that person who gives strength and love, in addition, they make mention of one of the elements they have used in their songs: the moon, who will always light them up.

Stay Gold lyrics:

In a world where you feel cold, you have to stay like gold, baby …

The lovely moonlight, another sleepless night, trusting the moonlight falling on you

I can see in your heart, sneaking in

Before you know it, I’ll be close

I don’t know about impurity, your eyes are diamonds

More beautiful than any jewel

I am constantly captivated, the truth

I can’t take my eyes off you anymore

So be that the hands of the clock stop moving,

Let it shine …

Stay like gold in my dreams

Stay like gold, we’ll look for each other

Stay like gold, in gold

I just want to touch you

Stay like gold, you are everything

Stay like gold, catch my heart

Stay like gold, stay like gold

Stay like gold, forever and forever like gold

Without you realizing it, I will approach you slowly

I’m warning you, baby …

Your deepest parts will be gently taken by me

Memories that are treasures, they are remembered that quickly

Oh that’s a secret

Stay like gold, for the time you’ll be here

Stay like gold, I don’t need anything else

Stay like gold, stay like gold

I just want to hold you

Stay like gold, love is endless

Stay like gold, releasing the light

Stay like gold, more than a star

Stay like gold, stay like gold, stay like gold

Stay like gold forever and forever like gold

Close your eyes first

Do not say anything…

I will receive your heart as if you were magic

If this were a miracle, I’d show it to you

Extend your hand

Stay like gold in my dreams

Stay like gold, I want to have you …

Looking at the moonlight won’t let me sleep tonight

Your hand tightly held in mine

I don’t want to release you

Stay like gold …

And if you missed the BTS guys more and want more, the group will perform again in a show, Summer Sonic is another of their presentations that add to their agenda, we tell you all the details so you do not miss their presentation .


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