BTS releases Season’s Greetings 2021 funny nicknames


BTS is preparing new releases for their fans, and the idols chose to use new nicknames during their retro image preparations.

The boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan are about to reveal their new record material, but that is not the only project that keeps them busy, very soon they will launch the Season’s Greetings to receive 2021 and they bet on new nicknames that accompany their image.

For this material, the Big Hit Entertainment idols took up the retro vibe that made them shine during Dynamite, but in addition to transforming their style, they also changed their names.


The video revealed by the YouTube channel BANGTANTV includes a presentation of what ARMY will see at Season’s Greetings 2021. We see Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V and RM sporting colorful outfits with vintage clothes and different hairstyles. what they usually show, but to reinforce this identity, the boys also temporarily changed their names.

The idols appeared one by one while wearing their outfit in a perfect set to reinforce the atmosphere, but as each one appeared on screen, they also presented themselves just as a character from an old series would.

Suga used the name ‘Taejeon Dong Shooting Guard’, Jungkook called himself ‘Man from Busan’, while V chose ‘Grasshopper Bangtan Dong’ as his nickname, but the craziest ideas had not yet arrived.

Hobi chose the name ‘Ilgok Dong Bounce’, RM would be ‘Dokgo Cho, comments’, Jimin introduced himself as ‘Soccer King Jjim Dori’ and Jin used the name ‘Tuna Flavored Cucumber’, LOL.

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The hilarious scene managed to make fans smile, who are looking forward to the launch of BTS’s Season’s Greetings 2021.

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