BTS releases “Memories 2019” for members


BTS released a video about the best moments Jimin and Jungkook had behind the scenes.

Jimin and Jungkook had great moments together during 2019, both at work and personally, where they share a great friendship.

BTS recently released “Memories 2019,” which compiles behind-the-scenes and videos of all their activities over the past year, showing ARMY a new side of Jimin and Jungkook.

The video will talk about the behind a great show, tours and hits, as well as talks, rehearsals, conversations and reflections between Jimin and Jungkook.

Jimin and Jungkook flood the networks

“Memories 2019” contains great moments between the boys and social networks flooded the videos between Jungkook and Jimin, who have shown to have a great friendship by being inseparable.

ARMY shared several clips from “Memories 2019” that got them excited about everything Jungkook and Jimin shared.

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