BTS releases fun videos from their new collaboration with Bodyfriend

If you have been very stressed these days, the guys from Big Hit Entertainment have this solution for you. BTS has a new collaboration special that will surely relax !

The participation of the Big Hit Entertainment group in various advertising campaigns is a great boost for the articles they promote; Between cell phones, makeup, games and civil organizations, there is no limit for BTS .

‘ Bodyfriend ‘ is an international company dedicated to the sale of massage chairs , which attack various body pain, such as back and head pain, its purpose is to provide a warm experience to the user, mitigating their conditions.

The relaxing furniture brand has revealed a special collaboration with the group called ‘BTS X Bodyfriend House Grand Open’, through its official YouTube channel they presented a series of videos where RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook experience relaxation.

Although there are three videos , the first is an introduction to the campaign , the others are two capsules of the adventures of BTS with ‘ Bodyfriend ‘; the first 30-second episode called ‘Recharges’ which in Spanish would be ‘recharge’, V finds Suga lying on the floor, worried Taehyung helps him and carries him on his back taking him to an armchair where Suga receives a reassuring massage .

The second 30-second chapter called ‘Living Healthy ‘ which in Spanish is ‘live healthy’, Jimin with Jin are doing some work on his computer, Jimin begins to experience pain in his back and Jungkook comes to his rescue, giving him a quick massage on his shoulders, but it doesn’t work, the one who has the solution is Jin , who takes him to a massage chair, calming all his discomforts.

One of the benefits you’ll get if rents or purchases any systems of massage of ‘ Bodyfriend ‘ is that it will give you some photocards and posters special edition of BTS, items are collectible and very unique.



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