BTS releases acoustic version and EDM remix of Dynamite


BTS is continuing their promotions for “Dynamite” and revealed the acoustic version and EDM remix. The BigHit group wants to spread the message of their new single in different ways, the song that has already broken all possible records on the YouTube platform has encouraged the ARMY to continue adding new goals with this comeback to give back to the boys the gift they were offered with “Dynamite”.

Through the official Bangtan TV account on YouTube, the K-pop group revealed “Dynamite” acoustic version and “Dynamite” remix version with the intention that their fans continue to enjoy this 90s comeback and start dancing as They did it in the records of that time, in addition, you will enjoy their voices in a different way.

The first version is quieter than the original, the boys only make use of their vowels, while they are accompanied by a soft and calm background music that will put you in a good mood just by listening to it, and it will also be easier for you to learn the lyrics, even practice your English with the help of Bangtan.


“Dynamite” will also let you enjoy the harmony of their voices and the tones they make in the choruses or part of the song, enjoying BTS’s talent and their effort to sing totally in a language other than Korean. The acoustic version doesn’t have as many sound effects, so it’s much clearer.

On social media, ARMY has shared their opinions and references about each version, but enjoying all the surprises of this comeback. The remix version is much faster than the original, has more beats and motivates you to dance and fill yourself with energy, you can even use it while exercising or dancing.

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Within hours of their premiere, both songs already have more than 1 million views on YouTube, even though it’s only about the audios, but ARMY is always loyal to the Bangtan boys and “Dynamite” is a song for Repeating it over and over again, idols know that their best form of communication is through music. Which is your favorite?


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