BTS to release books inspired by The Most Beautiful moment in life trilogy


BTS and Big Hit will show you a new way to enjoy music through the Graphic Lyrics project. The songs BTS shall be embodied in a series of graphic books in which Big Hit is already working.

During Big Hit Entertainment’s last event to share the company’s plans regarding their groups, Bang Si Hyuk revealed that they are preparing a graphic project for fans to enjoy music through new resources .

It is a collection of illustrated books that will turn the process of reading and learning the lyrics of songs into a more fun and extremely beautiful activity.

‘Graphic Lyrics’ is a new project that turns the experience of song lyrics into the form of a picture book

CEO of Big Hit Entertainment announced that it planned to capture five songs from BTS to this new format, each in a picture book different. But, what songs will be included for this new project?

Bang Si Hyuk said that they would start with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) trilogy, but from the images shown, suspicions were born that Save, Run, Butterfly and House Of Cards are some of the chosen melodies.

During this presentation, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment stated that they hope to offer a different method for fans to enjoy BTS’s music and, to do so, create beautiful illustrations that can accompany the lyrics that have already won the hearts of the public.

After that, the BIG HIT OFFICIAL MERCH account on Twitter shared an animated video where we see a butterfly in warm tones flying, which later reveals the title ‘ GRAPHIC LYRICS ‘. The tweet is accompanied by the description ‘Sing, turn it into an image’, anticipating the launch of the illustrated books .

BTS recently released the song Stay Gold, a pre-release to their next Japanese album, the song has reached high positions on the charts of different music platforms.

Watch the video of Big Hit’s full presentation below and find out about all his new projects:


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