BTS recommends songs for every occasion to ARMY


Bangtan Boys idols recommended many repertoire songs to ARMY, singers and rappers shared an ideal track for fans to listen to in a certain situation.

The Bangtan Boys discography is very extensive and includes songs of all styles and concepts, there are tracks to cry, for a broken heart, to take energy when you feel bad, to dream and even to dance.

Recently, members of the K-pop group performed at the ‘Map Of The Soul ON: E’ concert and online exhibition. Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Suga, and RM had incredible times with ARMY from all over the world.

BTS’s ‘Map Of The Soul ON: E’ exhibit consisted of a virtual tour of a museum filled with exclusive images of the boy band, previously unseen photo galleries, and surprises for all attendees.

The idols recommended interesting songs that ARMY can work out with, take night tours, enjoy a rainy morning, and even listen to on the way to work.


Jungkook at the exhibit ‘Map Of The Soul ON: E’ said that ARMY could listen to the song ‘Euphoria’ while looking at the blue ocean, the ideal Golden Maknae track for exercise is ‘Cypher 4’.

Park Jimin thinks it’s a good idea to walk to work while listening to ‘2! 3! ’And the ideal song for that rainy morning is‘ Butterfly ’. J-Hope is known for his bright personality, that positivity, he wants to convey good vibes to all his fandom, the ‘EGO’ interpreter recommended listening to the song ‘Love Maze’ when you have a lot on your mind and after work you you can relax with ‘Filter’.

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Kim Taehyung thinks that the perfect song to listen to at 3 in the morning is ‘Serendipity’, V took the opportunity to send a message to Jimin on his past birthday, the BTS singer wrote:

Jimin-ah, happy birthday

The ‘Winter Bear’ singer also recommended ‘UGH!’ To meditate, netizens were surprised by the choice, as the track is very powerful and energetic. For Jin, it seems appropriate to reflect while listening to ‘IDOL’, the oldest member of BTS said:

I can’t be the only one to wake up to meditate, everyone must wake up

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