BTS receives sweet message from writer Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho is a great figure in the novel, the writer has created a close bond with the members of BTS, recently he mentioned singers and rappers in an interview.

The members of BTS are ready to present ‘BE’, their next album, in which they have worked in different creative areas, such as directing, composition and have explored other facets as artists.

It is not a secret that the interpreters of ‘ON’ are inspired by different books, novels, stories and theories to write interesting themes that tell millions of stories, one of the favorite texts of idols is ‘El Alquimista’, written by Paulo Coelho .

And precisely Paulo Coelho has commented on several occasions that he loves BTS’s music, the artist from the city of Rio de Janeiro considers himself ARMY at heart and does not miss any opportunity to express his love for the Bangtan Boys.

The writer of ‘Manual del Guerrero de la Luz’ sent some gifts to the members of Beyond The Scene, who appreciated the gesture. Now, Paulo Coelho mentioned K-pop idols again.


The also journalist, held an interview where he talked about his future projects, his next novels and some details of the activities he is preparing for his fans around the world.

Paulo Coelho was questioned about the great friendship he has with the band led by Kim Namjoon, he commented that BTS’s music really pleases him, his work is special and it is refreshing.

He added that he always recommends listening to the Bangtan Boys, Paulo Coelho tells his closest ones that the tracks of the Korean pop group are interesting and have unique concepts.

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Paulo Coelho shared that his wife is also ARMY, plastic artist Christina Oiticica defines Beyond The Scene as boys who have an elegant charm and their existence inspires creativity. How would you define BTS?


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