BTS receives support from MAX, Lauv, and more following racist comments


MAX, Zara Larsson, Steve Aoki, Lauv, and the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences showed their support for BTS.

The boys of BTS and their recent musical work received hateful comments in a German media outlet, fans of the group rallied to demand an apology, and top music stars posted messages of support for K-pop idols.

Recently, DJ Matthias Matuschik and German radio Bayern 3 apologized for the racist comments the MC made on the broadcast of one of their programs against BTS .

Fans of the K-pop group asked for an apology and respect for the Korean stars, after DJ decried the boys’ musical work for their recent cover of Coldplay’s’ Fix You ‘, adding other xenophobic comments .

The station explained that in DJ his opinion was only presented in an ironic and exaggerated way, his strong words hurt the feelings of the fans, but he did not mean that, Bayern 3 assured that Matthias Matuschik is known for his help to refugees and his position against right-wing extremism, according to the media, this was proof that the MC was not racist .


Bayern 3’s apologies were not well received, since netizens criticized the way to respond to a fact as delicate as xenophobia, other comments stated that they only justified the comments and did not represent a genuine apology .

Friends of BTS and other musical institutions supported their support for the K-pop band, through social networks MAX , Zara Larsson, Steve Aoki , Lauv and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States published beautiful messages.

MAX wrote that BTS is one of the hardest working and most humble groups in the industry, they deserve all the success they have earned, adding that hearing such hateful words against them from the Bayern 3 radio host made him sick, he concluded:

The hatred towards them and the Asian community as a whole is unacceptable

Zara Larsson claimed that she had heard the clip of Matthias Matuschik, the singer put several points in the words dedicated to Bangtan Sonyeondan, the first was that she was wrong when talking about singers and rappers because ARMY will always be there to defend them.

I hope you never sleep easy again knowing you ruined your career by being a racist

She explained that xenophobia is a bigger problem ‘than a racist radio host talking about BTS’ , the racism that Asians receive everywhere is an issue that has to be talked about and shown that there are consequences.

Lauv assured that he will always stand next to BTS , he considers them as his brothers and it is an unacceptable situation that they are continuously affected by racist comments as hurtful as those broadcast by Bayern 3 .

No one should have to put up with this and together we must stand up and stop it.

Steve Aoki stated that the way radio host Matthias Matuschik spoke hatefully of BTS was unacceptable , condemned the displays of xenophobia and invited the international public to stop this type of prejudice.

We must stick together. Spread love, I don’t hate

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States also spoke out against the hateful comments that artists receive because of their nationality, they assured that racially motivated attacks have no place in this world, they included that the team of The Recording Academy’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will continue to promote safety, representation and equal opportunity throughout the music community.

The first to respond to the racist comments was Halsey , the American singer endorsed her love for BTS with a publication that received the love of ARMY.


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