BTS Receives Praise From Korean Netizens For The Way They Wish a Happy Lunar New Year.


January 1 has passed, but this does not mean that the new year is over. In fact, in many Asian countries that follow the lunar calendar, there is another celebration of the New Year – the Lunar New Year.

In Korea, we call it Sollal. Celebrating the first day of the lunar calendar, it is one of the most important traditional Korean holidays.

Since January 21-22 was the Sollal 2023 weekend, many celebrities wished for a New Year, and the BTS video especially attracted the attention of Korean netizens.

In the video, BTS members do not use common English terms (Lunar New Year), but use the Korean expression “sollal”, which has much more meaning for Korean netizens.

In a message in a popular online community, one network user wrote: “While people are arguing about whether to use Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, BTS has just posted a video that talks about Sollal. »

After seeing this, many netizens could only agree with the author of the post. They replied:

  • “That’s how it should be. Sollal is Sollal.”
  • “I like how BTS raise cultural awareness. As in other cultures, we should use more Korean words instead of trying to translate them into common English terms. “
  • “Reminds me of Ho Sok Chusok’s brother, lol”
  • “It warms my heart to see 7 Sollal participants.
  • “I hope that more influential idols will follow BTS. “
  • “Danielle from NewJeans caused controversy by saying “Chinese New Year”. She should follow her sunbae.”


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