BTS recalls life goes on in new Life Goes On teaser


BTS is set for the premiere of “Life Goes ON,” their new MV and lead single for “BE,” the group’s most anticipated comeback.

The idols of BigHit will give a new restart to the year before the end, after postponing their world tour due to the pandemic, the boys decided to take refuge in music and face a new normal, embodying the feelings of living isolated in their new album . The premiere of “Life Goes On” is very close.

Through their official social networks, BTS revealed a new preview of “Life Goes On”, their new MV. The group’s comeback is almost 32 hours away, as the premiere of “BE” will take place at 11 pm this Thursday, Mexico time. ARMY hopes to break new records for the boys, who will show their more personal side.

In the new preview, the melody of “Life Goes On” creates the perfect environment to feel warm, protected and calm, feelings that are needed in a world situation like the one we have experienced so far. BTS intends to motivate their fans and send a message about continuing life despite adversity.


The new teaser lasts 22 seconds, enough to capture the beauty of each of the members, the melody of “Life Goes On” sounds like a ballad through the strings of a guitar, the voice of one of the members was also heard. guys, sounding distant, but comforting to accompany the lyrics that says: “I remember that life goes on.”

The images in the MV teaser show black and white photographs of RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga and V, each wearing a youth outfit inspired by their personality, at the end Jungkook appears as the director of the video, holding a camera that captures everything with its lens.

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Jin appears in pajamas in the middle of his room, expressing the tranquility of his home. RM wears a hat and denim jacket, smiling as he “looks” at the sky with his eyes closed. Suga wears a shirt in the middle of a garden, V is also on the same stage, looking straight at the camera and wearing a plaid shirt. Jimin appears “asleep” on the grass and J-Hope seems to look at nothing or a sunset showing her profile.

Apparently, BTS had already made a spoiler of the song or plans to sell merch with the theme of “Life Goes On”, because ARMY shared photographs of a video where they appear with white shirts with the phrase “I remember.”

This MV is very special to BTS, not only because of the meaning, but because Jungkook proved his talents as a director.


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