BTS reacts to Break the Silence: the Movie in new teaser


If you enjoyed Break The Silence: The Movie. You’ll love hearing what idols think of each of the moments shown on screen during the Persona tour tape.

Idols have tried their best to stay in touch with their fans even if they can’t meet in person. Fans in some countries were recently able to enjoy a movie screening where Bangtan Sonyeondan showed emotional moments throughout one of their tours, but the singers will return with bonus material and commentary for this movie.

Although fans of the idol group gathered in movie theaters to enjoy the performance, the difficulties faced by the world prevented this community from sharing opinions at the time, but BTS will save the day by joining with their reaction to this production.


Commentary Package will be a new modality that fans can enjoy while watching the best moments of the film. This is a filming that idols did while watching the tape for the first time, so it includes their immediate reactions to each event.

In the teaser video that has just been released, the boys are sitting in front of a screen and we see them remember various moments, BTS could not help laughing at themselves even in the most emotional moments and also revealed that there were scenes that they did not remember filming , so they got a big surprise.

We also recently told you about some special moments where Jin made ARMY cry for his adorable gestures and messages.


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