This is how BTS reacted when receiving the gifts that J-Hope prepared


BTS idols wore their accessories for the first time in ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live‘. This is how the boys from BTS reacted when they received the colored bracelets that J-Hope prepared for them.

J-Hope is known for his creative personality , the rapper from ‘ Day Dream ‘ is one of the most charismatic idols in the K-pop industry, always looking to show his love for the members of BTS .

A few days ago, in a live video, Hoseok showed how he prepared some gifts for his BTS colleagues ,J-Hopemade7 braceletsinspired by the tones of themicrophonesthat the boys use in their presentations.

J-Hope decided to give them the bracelets of different shades to his friends in the band during the concert ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’. The reactions of Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, V and RM to receiving the presents were incredible.

Jin thanked Hoseok for his bracelet , the idol immediately noticed that J-Hope placed an alpaca on his bracelet , and Jimin was very happy to receive the present, Taehyung was so excited for his new bracelet , he immediately put it on.

All members of BTS modeled their new accessories on the scene of the ‘ Bang Bang Con: The Live’. J-Hope looked very proud that the members wore their colorful bracelets very happily.

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