BTS reaches new Guinness Records thanks to Dynamite


BTS breaks new Guinness records thanks to their single “Dynamite”. The success of the BigHit boygroup will once again be part of the famous book of world records, the idols made a boom with this new song, their talent boosted the energy to cheer on their ARMY, in addition, they got their first # 1 on the Billboard 100 and recorded new marks in his career.

The official Guinness Record organization officially announced the list of goals that BTS reached with the release of “Dynamite”, despite being 2 weeks old, the boys of the K-pop group will appear again in this famous book of world achievements, idols added 4 new records this 2020 that will appear on the pages of the Guinness Book.


Those in charge of rating the figures reached by BTS positioned them as the Korean pop group with the most viewed MV in YouTube history, the boys managed to obtain 100.1 million views on the YouTube platform, something never before seen in music, something they were able to achieve thanks to the massive support of ARMY, as they have thousands of fans around the world.

Bangtan also added to the list the record for having the most viewed video in just 24 hours, “Dynamite,” also became the most viewed music clip of a K-pop group in just 1 day of release. These brands are the biggest they have reached after their comebacks with “ON” and “Boy with Luv”. Will they be able to overcome them with their next album?


The K-pop group also added another record, their much-dreamed # 1 Billboard Hot 100 as a K-pop artist, one of the most popular charts for music and whose ranking is based on the mass reproduction of the song in the different Platforms such as YouTube, Apple, Spotify, among others, ARMY unconditionally supported the group so that they could reach this position.

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2020 is a great year for BTS, the new challenge for ARMY is to surpass these figures with the next album, which is expected to be released in October or the end of the year. Are you ready?

BTS also added another goal, Dynamite reached 300 million views on YouTube and added another win in music shows in South Korea.


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