BTS re-activates predebut Instagram accounts …


Instagram is one of the networks that the BTS guys use to promote their new projects, why did they reactivate their predebut account?

The Bangtan Boys are preparing the details for the promotions of their next record material, the K-pop band will release their first single on August 22 of this year.

There is something that is powerfully drawing public attention, BTS ‘predebut Instagram account was reactivated after a long time, will it have something to do with the idols’ comeback?

On the predebut Instagram profile, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, J-Hope, V and Jimin shared their daily life as a group, their coexistence, friendship and training in classes in singing, rap, dancing and acting.

In the account there were 13 posts, some were images of idols enjoying a meal or just posing for the camera, the photos were deleted and the feed is currently empty.

Before, @bangtan only followed 3 users within the app and now it only followed the official BTS account that has more than 27 million followers and has a total of 545 posts so far.

@bangtan also changed the profile description, it is specified that the account belongs to a ‘musician / music group’. ARMY expects BTS members to be more active on Instagram and to engage in more interactions within the famous social network.

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