BTS: Psy and V are posing together and crying.


BTS’s Psy and V posed together for a couple of photos and took social media crazy. Will there be collaboration?

A photo posted on social media showed that BTS’s PSY and V have a friendly relationship. However, this also sparked strong rumors about an alleged collaboration between the two celebrities and people can’t wait to find out if this is real or just guesses.

As we all know, Taehyung is a huge fan of South Korean singer PSY, but the new images of them together encouraged fans to look forward to great projects as a result of the joining of the talents of these South Korean music stars.

PSY and V from BTS

The photos with Taehyung were originally posted on PSY’s account. In these, the BTS vocalist looks extremely happy and they both smile as V hugs the founder of P-Nation.

The BTS member has said on several occasions that he admires PSY as she is one of the celebrities who inspired him to become an idol so he regards him as a great role model.

Thanks to these photos it can be said that both celebrities have already forged a great friendship.

ARMY is impatient at rumors
ARMY has begun to think that these photos could be the beginning of something on a professional level and that at any moment they could surprise everyone with a great project.

What many do not know is that after the founding of his own company, the famous PSY has recruited great stars who are well known within the music of South Korea, who have prepared musical releases with great impact on the charts.

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