BTS presents the new Samsung cell phone at this event …


BTS was an important part of the presentation of the new Samsung phone. The Bangtan Boys are preparing their return to the stage with the English single ‘Dynamite’, the K-pop group revealed some details of their activities and the official schedule for their comeback.

South Korean tech company Samsung has always had a good relationship with BTS, pulling out multiple collaborations and making K-pop idols brand ambassadors around the world.

Today Samsung presented its new smartphone called ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’, the event broadcast on the Internet was attended by important characters for the company, including the 7 boys from BTS.

So that the public could see all the features and benefits of ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, V and RM took some selcas, played with the device and even tested the quality of the device. image and screen zooming in on Hoseok’s face.

Special images of BTS were published on Samsung’s social networks for the promotion of ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’, on the posters appear rappers and singers in elegant gray suits holding a phone and others a tablet.

The image of BTS on the Samsung account in the Instagram application has so far had more than 71 thousand likes from Internet users, ARMY thus demonstrates his love for the band.

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