BTS presents the first teaser for ‘Dynamite’ by surprise


BTS will never stop wowing their fans. The most famous K-pop music group on the planet has just paralyzed the whole world, because when the guys in the band take a step, the world is stunned. And that’s how it has been once again: they have released the first teaser for ‘Dynamite’, their new single.

The group is preparing for their long-awaited performance at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place on August 30, where they will officially present their new single.

And although the launch is scheduled for August 21, the BTS guys are aware that the wait is getting very long for their fans and for that reason, they have decided to release a first teaser for ‘Dynamite’ by surprise.

It is a 30 second video, with which they have left their fans around the world with their mouths open. And it is that when it seems that they cannot be overcome anymore, they are overcome again. There is no doubt that the BTS phenomenon is unstoppable.

As expected, the reactions from his fans have been immediate. The name of BTS has once again collapsed the networks and it is no wonder. The first teaser for ‘Dynamite’ couldn’t be more spectacular. In the clip, you can see the boys of the group with a retro air, singing entirely in English and with spectacular looks. Something big is coming and there is less and less to hear!

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