BTS presents for the first time Your Eyes Tell, their new song


The idol group appeared on Japanese television to sing Your Eyes Tell, watch the video of their presentation. The BTS members sang Your Eyes Tell , the second single from their Japanese album.

The most popular idol group of the moment is preparing for the premiere of their next record material, the album Map of the soul 7: The Journey . After BTS revealed Stay Gold, the first song on the album, fans knew they’d find big surprises in this release, and Your Eyes Tell confirmed it.

The idol group previously announced that before the release of the album they would show a new song , that is Your Eyes Tell , but also, it was announced that this melody will be part of the OST for a movie with the same name.

There is still a little time for this film to be shown to the public, but BTS has already revealed how the song they prepared to accompany this story is heard.

Jungkook was in charge of the production and composition of it, but something we did not know is that the song was originally considered to be part of the mixtape of this idol, however, after being chosen to be part of the film, it was decided that was included in the group’s next album .

With the premiere of Your Eyes Tell , BTS made their first performance singing this piece on the Japanese program CDTV Live Live.

The emotional melody moved his followers, who were surprised with the meaningful lyrics that he possesses. Plus, the members’ voices looked wonderful, giving fans a long time looking forward to their next album release.

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Map of the soul 7: The Journey will be released on July 15, so we are only a few days away from listening to it.

On the other hand, it is said that BTS’s next Korean album might be closer than we imagined, as some clues emerged that gave way to ARMY theories.

Watch the video of his performance performing Your Eyes Tell below:

You can also watch the teaser for the movie Your Eyes Tell here:


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