BTS preparing for online concert and will present solo


BTS is preparing for their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, the rehearsals have surprised ARMY, as they will present several solos.

The K-pop group BigHit will meet their fans once again, after the success of their Bang Bang Con show and due to their 2020 tour being postponed, the idols decided to perform a new online concert to present never-before-seen choreographies With just three days to go until the countdown ends, BTS’s rehearsals have revealed the surprises they have in store.

BTS’s online concert, “Map of the soul ON: E”, will take place on October 10 and 11 and on social networks they have already revealed several videos of the rehearsals that revealed the songs that the K-pop group ARMY will perform he counts the days to meet the boys again and see the performances of his album “Map of the soul 7”.

The transmission for this online presentation will have different focuses, that is, ARMY will be able to choose between the group camera or individual shots of each member, in addition, they will implement 4K technology to better appreciate the details of the concert, there will also be virtual exhibitions inspired by Bangtan .


For a few days, ARMY has paraded through the South Korean Olympic Park, the area where the KSPO Dome is located, the venue where BTS will perform with “Map of the Soul ON: E”, fans have been able to record part of the rehearsals and it was confirmed that there will be solo performances by V, Jimin, and Jungkook.

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In the videos they shared you can hear part of the song “My time”, Kookie’s single where he reflected his emotions after rising to fame, the idol is the youngest of the group, so his life totally changed forever. They also heard Jimin sing “Filter,” a song that has been a hit on Billboard recently.

Finally, ARMY will also be able to listen to V with “Inner Child”, whose lyrics talk about self-love to the self of the past, our younger and more vulnerable side. It is not yet known what other surprises BTS prepared for the online concert, but they will perform the entire set of “Map of the soul 7”.

J-Hope also surprised the ARMY with new photos to continue the countdown of the online concert.


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