BTS preparing for MTV VMA 2020 performance


BTS will be part of the VMAs and preparations for the show have begun. The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards have given K-Pop the opportunity to be recognized once again through their presence at the awards. In addition to re-designating a special category for South Korean artists, it will feature BTS’s participation as part of the event.

BTS has shown its popularity around the world and with each musical release it strengthens the love and support of its fans, which is why the group received three nominations within the awards.

The categories in which the boys of BTS were nominated are: Best of Pop, Best of K-Pop and Best Choreography, so ARMYs around the world have dedicated part of their time to vote for them.

A few days ago, it was announced that the K-Pop group will present their song Dynamite on the MTV VMAs broadcast, although BTS is about to release this single soon, it was announced that the plans for the presentation of the idol group it would be pre-recorded today.

Following this announcement, the company representing BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, released a report in response to the suspicions, however, they limited themselves to saying that it was difficult to confirm the statements regarding the pre-recording.

This report caused more excitement among BTS fans because it is not a negative response, but rather opens up to a possibility.

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