BTS prepares for their online concert Map of the soul ON: E


BTS is set for their “Map of the soul ON: E” online concerts and they shared details of their performance. BigHit’s K-pop group had to postpone their 2020 tour due to the pandemic, so they have found new ways to meet up with ARMY across the distance, the boys will share their music in a new online performance, similar to Bang. Bang Con, for two days, BTS will present their album “Map of the soul 7”.


Through the official BTS account, Jungkook decided to share a couple of photos of their rehearsals, the boys took advantage of the Chuseok holiday week to prepare the details of “Map of the soul ON: E”, their next online concert, which is scheduled to run over 2 days, on October 10 and 11, in addition to showing a virtual Bangtan exhibit.

The idol decided to publish a photo with his microphone in hand, the boys will perform at the KSPO Dome in the South Korean Olympic Park, due to new restrictions due to the pandemic, the group had to cancel the attendance of a small group of fans, the broadcast will be directly on the Weverse portal.


Jungkook also gave another preview of his online presentation, as he shared a photo where the BTS logo formed by a set of lights can be seen, it is not known if there will be drone formations, as they usually use in their performances, but technology will not be necessary , ARMY will also be able to view the video in 4K if you purchase the ticket for such access.


J-Hope was another of those who gave details, as he explained that the boys have been rehearsing alone, that is, there will be only performances, also another ARMY revealed that while passing through the area, the idols played “ON”, this concert it will be the stage for them to present each of the songs and choreographies of “Map of the soul 7” for the first time.

After their concert, the guys from eBTS will also be preparing for their comeback, which will be held on November 20 with their album “BE.”

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