BTS prepares comeback for the month of August


Is the BTS comeback close ?, the blog of the Floristería Smeraldo made another important announcement. BTS prepares new Comeback ?, These clues may indicate that the idols of Big Hit would be working on something new.

BTS has created a whole universe with its music, record materials, videos and audiovisual content that attract its fans, the theories that surround the K-pop group are not only limited to their artistic creations.

Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, RM and Jungkook presented the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ in early 2020 , the idols of Big Hit Entertainment positioned themselves in the best places on the music charts and sales internationally.

Even though they weren’t able to promote as expected due to the global pandemic, BTS members could be preparing more surprises for ARMY from around the world, or at least that’s what some clues indicate .

La Floristería Smeraldo is a business dedicated to the sale of exotic flowers and nature for different events, such as parties, business meetings or gifts. How is Smeraldo Florist related to BTS ?

Every time the Smeraldo Florist posts on his blog this post date coincides with some BTS activity , for example, the flower business announced in 2018 that it would open a new branch in August, the same month that BTS released the album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.

The Smeraldo Florist published an update on their official blog , it is the same message they shared in the years 2017 and 2018 , now the other branch of the company will open at the end of August this year.

Following the chronology of the messages of the opening of new stores , it is expected to blog Florist make another public message on July 17 . Coincidence, timing, or destiny? Is BTS’s comeback closer ?

Recintemente, RM ARMY inspired with a profound message about life in Weverse platform , Namjoon of BTS reflected on the sky and shared a great phrase to appreciate the moments.

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