BTS prepared gifts for the I-LAND guys


The guys from BTS advised the I-LAND contestants from their own experience. BTS was part of the most recent episode of I-LAND, and the K-Pop group members visited the place where the contestants will live, leaving some giveaways and top idol tips in the works.

The BTS members toured the new home of the I-LAND participants, but also gave them words of encouragement before the new stage that they begin as part of the Mnet survival show.

The leader of BTS began by saying that they perfectly understand what they are going through since they also stopped seeing their families for long periods, Suga said that it is normal to miss their loved ones, however, he pointed out that they need to keep in mind what they must do to fulfill their dream and keep working on it.

The group members encouraged them and asked them to stay strong throughout their journey, but they also prepared gifts that would be given to the I-LAND participants.

J-Hope prepared a pair of white tennis shoes on which he left him signature and some drawings, accompanying them with the message “Wear these shoes and walk along a flower path.” J-Hope also asked them to stay healthy and give their all in rehearsals, Jungkook gave them some modern-style hanbok, while Jin brought with him an ideal set to enjoy a meal, so The idol pointed out in his message that eating well will be very important for them to stay healthy and perform properly.

Jimin acknowledged that the road for them will be difficult, however, he hopes they can sleep well to show their potential, so he gave them a Chimmy plush that they can use as a pillow. Meanwhile, RM prepared a very special notebook where he left a message with him good wishes, suggesting that they make the most of the opportunity that has just begun.

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