BTS prepared a choreography for Dynamite …


BTS’s new song will amaze with its choreography. BTS’s comeback is getting closer, and with it, the clues surrounding the new release have raised fans’ suspicions. That is why the dance steps for Dynamite could become a phenomenon.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment announced the idol group’s upcoming comeback with the release of a pre-release single for their next album, that song will be Dynamite.

What is known so far about the following single? BTS updated their social networks with the new image that will accompany the group in their comeback, but the surprises do not end there.

BTS main choreographer Son Sungdeuk also shared the group’s teaser image for Dynamite on their social media. Days ago, Sungdeuk posted a photograph of him inside Big Hit Entertainment’s rehearsal room which has raised suspicions about the choreography for the next BTS song.

Due to this, the excitement of the fans has increased, since Son Sungdeuk’s previous work for the BTS songs has left us extremely impressed.

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