BTS premieres MV with messages for Dynamite 70s Remix


In the clip ‘Dynamite’ 70s remix the guys from BTS added some messages and curious facts about retro pop culture and their experience recording the official MV for the track.

Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, V and J-Hope have had impressive success with the single ‘Dynamite’, a fun song entirely in the English language that marked the return to the stage of the K-pop group represented by the Big Hit Entertainment company.

The idols have given their fans different versions and remixes of ‘Dynamite’, the producers added varied sounds to give the track a new air, between fresh, youthful, fun and playful.

On September 19, the video for ‘Dynamite’ 70s Remix MV was published through YouTube on the BANGTANGTV channel, a clip that has a retro style and was edited with some filters to make the images look older.

One difference between the official MV for ‘Dinamite’ and the 70s Remix is ​​that within the most recent clip, data and other curiosities were added to the boys, such as their experiences during filming and other stories from their career as K-pop idols.

The messages appear in English, the members of the Korean pop band revealed what they did before and after the recording, such as J-Hope, who appears at the beginning of the clip and said that he ate a delicious donut before starting to take his shots.

ARMY also learned that Jungkook was the first to arrive and the last to leave the set, the Golden Maknae enjoyed eating sweets during the official video tapes for ‘Dynamite’. Jimin improvised some of his steps, which was a surprise to many viewers, the singer left his followers with an exciting message:

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Taehyung explained that the day of filming there was not much sun, but that for the scenes it seemed like the atmosphere was nice and sunny, Seokjin’s favorite part is when he sang ‘Dyn na na na’, as he finds it funny. On the other hand, Suga hopes that audiences will have moments full of DISCO. The Bangtan Boys thanked their fans with some very special words:

Thanks ARMY, Dynamite debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Watch the video for ‘Dynamite’ 70s Remix:

So far the MV of ‘Dynamite’ 70s remix has more than 4 million views, has more than 1 million likes and is climbing in the world trending places on YouTube.

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