BTS Photographer Shares Idols’ Modeling Skills


The boys of BTS were recognized for their talents in modeling and connecting with the camera, professional photographer Han Manhee revealed his experience working with the members of the Bangtan Boys.

Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, and RM are very important figures in music and are constantly invited to be a part of ad campaigns, magazines, and other important activities that come with being idols.

A few months ago the boys posed for GQ Japan magazine, with looks from the POLO fashion house, showing a different facet to music, could it be that the BTS members have a special gift for modeling?

Over the years, those represented by Big Hit Entertainment have developed modeling talent; Posing in front of a camera is not easy, because you have to show the best of yourself and express it through your body.

Han Manhee is a distinguished professional photographer who has worked with the members of BTS and offered an interview competing their experiences on set with the singers and rappers of Korean pop, the artist revealed what the behavior of the interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ is like during the photoshoots.

Manhee commented that Jin is a huge star, calling him a ‘visual genius’ and the ‘Mr. Prefect’. The photographer referred to Kim Taehyung as a person with a powerful aura, a relaxed and spontaneous soul, with diverse expressions that are full of life and joy.

The portraitist explained that the BTS members are very handsome, that they don’t need much help in editing, and that they tend to do their photo shoots quickly, creating a special and entertaining environment for the staff, production, and attendees.

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Han Manhee collaborated as the photographer of the K-pop band for a commercial, after this amazing experience, many people like: colleagues, friends and close people have asked him what it is like to work with the Bangtan Boys, he always answers:

They are the best

Watch Han Manhee’s full interview talking about BTS:

It’s not the first time that someone has talked about their experience working with the Bangtan Boys, recently stylist Park Naejoo explained the process of creating the image of the idols for each comeback.


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